Solomon Builds a Temple (And You Can Too)

Solomon Builds a Temple (And You Can Too)

Welcome to my 31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras Series!

In this series, you’ll find games, teaching ideas, crafts, and more for those times when you just need “a little something extra” to round out your time with the kids.  You can check out the complete Table of Contents for this series here.

The other day, we had a overflowing Children’s Church classroom. In an effort to relieve the scheduled teacher of some of the crowded-ness in her room, I took the preschool and kindergarten kids into a separate room to have their own lesson.

Crowded Classroom!

This would have been a terrific solution if I would have had more then 12 seconds to prepare for the lesson.  I wasn’t scheduled that day, and was only vaguely aware of the day’s lesson, so we did the best we could!

The day’s passage was 1 Kings 6 (Solomon builds the temple).  We began by covering a few of the details Solomon including, remarking on we would have liked best in Solomon’s temple.  Then, we brainstormed about what we would include if we were going to build our own temple/church.

After listing all the “must haves” on the board, I drew a simple blueprint of our class-designed church.  Then, I passed out construction paper and had the kids draw their own churches.  They could model it off our current church building, their own house, the class-designed church, or anything they liked.  As they were drawing, I tried to remind them that the purpose of the church is to glorify God and draw people to Jesus.  I love the things these kids created!



Solomon Builds a Temple


Here you can see God at the front of the building, in His own special room, similar to the Holy of Holies of the Old Testament.

Solomon Builds a Temple (2)

This church’s main features were the cross and the food stations.

Solomon Builds a Temple

This church had a room for praying, a room for learning about God, and also a room for watching TV.  It also had a dungeon in the basement.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Solomon Builds a Temple (5)

This young artist spent a lot of time perfecting the cafe in her church.

Solomon Builds a Temple (7)

And this preschooler made sure to include bathrooms in their church.

Hope it helps!

Stay tuned for even more Bible Lesson Extras or check out the complete Table of Contents here.  

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