Solomon Builds the Temple: Craft Ideas

Solomon Builds the Temple: Craft Ideas

Looking for some great craft and activity ideas for a lesson about Solomon and the Temple?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Scripture Focus: 1 Kings 6 and 2 Chronicles 3

For our Children’s Church program, we teach ages 4-9 in the same classroom.  It can get pretty rowdy, so we try to keep the lesson short and the hands-on activities plentiful.  Generally, we gather the kids in the middle of the room (a blanket keeps them corralled) as the teacher reviews the past week and teaches the current lesson.

Children's Church Lesson Time

After about 10-15 minutes, kids are allowed to break up into stations.  Each station has a different activity.  We try to make certain ones appeal to younger kids and certain ones appeal to the older bunch, but sometimes the kids really surprise us with their choices.

Solomon Builds the Temple Station Ideas

Station #1: Color the Temple

Solomon Builds the Temple (1)

I used this visual during the lesson and then invited the kids to help color the 3-D “model” of the Temple during station time. You can find a the temple to build the temple on Crafting the Word of God blog.

If you have older kids, they could even glue the pages onto a box as well.

Station #2: Building with Blocks

This is one all ages seem to like.  Bring in a variety of blocks allow kids to build a temple of their own.

Building the Temple

Simple Blocks

Building the Temple

Lincoln Logs

Station #3: Painting the Temple

In the lesson, we talked about overlaying the temple with gold.  In this activity, kids get a chance to use their own gold (paint) to decorate the temple.  Be sure to use smocks!  For this temple, I used cardboard inserts that come with many electronic devices (of course, I had a box full in my basement — don’t you?)

Solomon Builds the Temple (3)

Ready to paint!

Building the Temple

Hmm… what to do first?

Solomon Builds the Temple (2)

Of course, this was a popular station!  If you don’t have enough cardboard inserts for everyone, use egg cartons instead.

Station #4 Decorating the Temple

We talked about all the different jewels that were used in decorating the temple, and in this activity, kids were able to use jewels to decorate their own temple.  We used the coloring page from Crafting the Word of God blog and tiny stick-on jewels.

Solomon Builds the Temple (4)

Happy Crafting!

Looking for a video to accompany the lesson?

Check out this great Bible Theater from LifeKids:

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