Spy Guy Teaches About the Bible

Spy Guy Teaches About the Bible

I am amazed at how the Spy Guy (Secret Agents of the Bible) series has inspired kids to really dig into their Bibles. Every week, we tell kids how important it is to read the Word, but put it on a video with a mystery man and suddenly the Bibles start pouring into mid-week meeting. 🙂 One mom even told me that her son (age 4) informed her that he needs a “real Bible” to use in Kids for Christ. Currently, he has a kids Bible which has stories, but not actual chapters and verses. His mom said, “You can’t even read”, but apparently there was no talking him out of it. It’s so exciting to see kids eagerly looking up verses and then helping their friends. What a great series this was. Feel free to use the videos for your own church. Also, you can find the lessons we used here: Mission Possible What kinds of things does your ministry use to get kids into the Bible?

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