St. Patrick’s Day Lesson {Preschool}

St. Patrick’s Day Lesson {Preschool}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow

I’m not usually a huge fan of St. Patrick’s day, but a few months ago I read the Adventure’s in Odyssey book Challenge on the Hill of Fire (great book and GREAT series for preteen readers).  The book was about Patrick the Bishop, a man who was diligently trying to share the good news of Jesus with the people of Ireland.  Patrick was a man of courage and prayer.  After I read this book, I was inspired to learn more about the man who spurred on this green-colored holiday.

Digging around on youtube led to the discovery of this amazing video about the History of St. Patrick’s Day.  The video is produced by the same people as  “What’s in the Bible?” (Phil Vischer and crew), so you know it’s a great watch.  Check it out below!

My 3 year old daughter watched it three times in a row, which I was pretty amazed at!  We also did a few more St. Patrick’s Day activities.  These are aimed at preschool level (ages 3-5), but could probably be adaptable for a bit older kids as well.

St. Patrick's Day

 History of St. Patrick

After watching the video, we talked about how Patrick was a little like Daniel from the Bible.  Both men were committed to prayer and both suffered persecution because of their faith.  Both men were strangers in a foreign land, abducted and taken against their will.  In the end, God was glorified because of their faith.    We just talked about similarities, but if you have older kids, you could have them read the story of Daniel from a Children’s Bible and then chart out similarities and differences.

Here’s a super simple Venn Diagram you could for that!   Taken from Learning to Give. 

The Shamrock and the Trinity

You could also talk about how the Shamrock is like the Trinity (Patrick taught the people of Ireland about that).   My bunch (ages 4 and under) are a little young for the Trinity concept, but it served as a good introduction.  If you have older kids, you could even do a Scripture study to find characteristics of each person in the Trinity.   The Standard Rainbow Study Bible is a great resource for that.    Here are a few Shamrock Trinity crafts as well:

From Bible Story Printables

This fun poster is from Happy Home Fairy.  She does a great job sharing some history about Patrick as well, so be sure to check out her “Wee Bit of History” post!

Memory Verse Mayhem

We did a little scissor practice by cutting out green paper chains.

St. Patrick's Day Chain

These would make great decorations for your classroom (we’re using ours to count the days before our big move) or you could use them to write the memory verse on.  Just write one word per paper strip and then send the lovely decoration home with the kids!

Memory Verse chain

You could also use a Shamrock Necklace pattern to make a memory verse garland.  Again, just write one word on each shamrock and hang with pride!

I found this pattern over at A to Z Teacher Stuff 

Rainbows and the Genesis Connection

Of course, rainbows are a big part of St. Patrick’s day — though I’m not sure how that connection came about.  Either way, this is the perfect time to talk to the kids about the first rainbow that ever appeared and why (Genesis 9).   I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a fun rainbow craft to do with the kids, but I of course, lean towards all things glitter!

Glitter Rainbow Project

Check out the full tutorial for this project over at Three Boys and a Dog

Be sure to read the story with the kids out of good Children’s Bible like The Preschooler’s Bible or the Action Bible.

The Leprechaun’s Treasure

Leprechaun’s spend quite a bit of time trying to keep their treasure away from others.     This might be a great jumping off point to talk about how a love of treasure ended up being a real stumbling point for some people in the Bible.

The rich young ruler would rather hang onto his treasure than have eternal life (Luke 18)

Judas was enticed to betray Jesus for 30 silver coins (Matthew 26)

Belshazzar showed his disrespect for God by taking the goblets from the temple (Daniel 5)

Treasure can also be a real blessing, when we treasure the right thing!  Here’s a few verses that speak to that end:

Proverbs 2:3-5

Matthew 6:20-21

Isaiah 33:6

Matthew 13:44

2 Corinthians 4:7

You could conclude the treasure talk by hiding gold coins around the room and playing a little game of coin hide and seek.  We had a bunch of gold coins left over from our Rome VBS, so this was a perfect activity for us!

What About You?

Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the kids?   Share your ideas in the comments!

More Resources to Check Out:

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  1. Hi, Lindsey,
    Great ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. I liked the way you connected the video of St. Patrick with Daniel and how their ministries could be charted on a Venn diagram. All of the project ideas look like a lot of fun.

    I discovered you had left a comment on my blog a few months ago…up until recently, I’ve done a poor job at checking my past posts for comments. Anyway, it’s good to connect and I pray God continues to bless you in your ministry.

  2. GREAT ideas! I love shamrocks. I also love paper chains. Now I want to make one. I think we may make one tonight.
    becka recently posted..The Making of My Media Kit: A Guide to The Creation of My Own Media Kit

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Becka! I’m glad you like the idea and I hope your family has fun!

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