Story Time in the Park: Cars

Story Time in the Park: Cars

It’s Story Time!

Shades Beach Playground

The kids were certainly enthusiastic about this story time.   Cars tends to be popular among kids in general, and Lightning McQueen only upped the fascination.  I found some really fun books at the library featuring cars and trucks, but I had to narrow it down to three (and even that was pushing the attention span of some of the little ones!)


For this week, of course we had to do “Wheels on the Bus” and we also did a song called “10 Little Race cars” to the tune of 10 Little Indians.  I also played a little Red Light, Green Light game with the kids.  I held up a colored paper plate and they moved their feet accordingly (fast, slow, or not at all).  We finished up song time with the “Drive the Firetruck Song”.  You can check out the video for that below!

Cars Traffic Light

Our Stop-Slow-Go Traffic Lights


Cars Books


Cars! Cars! Cars!  was an easy read with not too many words.  The kids looking at the different cars and especially loved the “odd car” that looked like a shoe!

Cars Books

My Truck is Stuck is a great story about all kinds of people working together to help get a truck out of a whole.  It is also a good book for doing a little counting practice.

Little Blue Truck is about a friendly little truck who beeps (nicely) at everyone and the barn animals respond in kind.  Of course, the kids loved helping out with the animal noises.  In this book, a pushy yellow truck gets stuck in a mud puddle and the power of friendship shines through as the little blue truck decides to dive right in and help.   Another great reminder about the benefits of working together as a team.

Truck is Stuck


Inspired by a craft I saw over at No Time For Flashcards (favorite blog of mine!), we did a paper collage traffic light.

Traffic Light Craft

We started with the traffic light outline glued to a black piece of construction paper as well as three strips of paper (red, yellow, and green).    If the kids were good with scissors, they could cut up the strips with scissors.  Otherwise, they could just rip it up and place the pieces in the matching circles.

The kids really seemed to like this craft and it was easy enough for even the one year olds to do.  Here’s a few finished products:

That’s all for now!

See you next week!

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  1. These are such cute ideas! My son is 2 and totally into anything cars (and trucks. And trains, you get it).
    I love the game with the colored plate … it seems like something my daughter would really enjoy too.

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Corinne. I agree, my son loves anything with wheels. I hope you can use the ideas!

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