Story Time in the Park: Dinosaurs

Story Time in the Park: Dinosaurs

Things have wrapped up early this summer for our Story Time in the Park program (due to a new baby arriving any day).  We finished our last session this week and I wanted to try to share as much as I could before signing off for a bit.

Dinosaur Preschool Story Time

We had been trying a new format to try to get kids and parents a little more involved and hands-on during story time, but it turns out it’s a little hard to engage 10+ preschoolers in a brand new activity at once.  So, instead, we’ve returned to some traditional nursery rhymes and finger plays to open up the story time session and then jump right into the books.

Books We Read:

Down at the Dino Wash Deluxe


 Dinosaur Roar!

I’m always debating between these two types of books.  The first (dino wash deluxe) is an engaging story with a slight bit of suspense and a twist ending.  A delightful book that my own children loved to read again and again.   The second book (Dinosaur Roar) is a basic rhyming book that highlights different types of dinosaurs (big, small, bumpy, lumpy, weak, strong, etc), but doesn’t have any plot or story line.  I would love to read more of the story-based books, but it seems like the latter keeps the kids a lot more engaged.   Maybe it’s the group setting, but simple words and simple pages seem to fair a lot better in our story time in the park program.

Dinosaur Story Time  at Whitford Park

Craft Time!

For our craft, we made dinosaurs in the same style as the ones found in Dinosaur Roar.  We used small sponges (cut up car wash sponges) and paint to give our dinosaur coloring pages a speckled look.

Dinosaur Story Time  (1)

Someone in our church had donated a bunch of little plastic containers from KFC, so we put the paint in those and let the kids go wild.  Clean up was a breeze since we could just through everything out!   I found the coloring pages here.

Dinosaur Story Time  (3)


That’s it for now!

Dinosaur Story Time  for Preschoolers

More Story Time Fun:

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