Story Time in the Park: Dinosaurs

Story Time in the Park: Dinosaurs


I was especially excited about this story time in the park because it featured DINOSAURS!  My kids are both pretty crazy about dinosaurs and the kids at the park seemed to love them too!    I checked out quite a few dinosaur books from the library, but I had to narrow it down to two or three (books listed below).  For song time, I would have loved to sing the song “Dinosaur Walk”, but it was a little too complicated for Story Time.  If you do a dinosaur theme at home, be sure to pick up the MP3.  The kids will love it!

Dinosaur Story Time


For song time, I found a terrific dinosaur themed song handout over here. It’s already in PDF format, so it’s easy to print out. We picked a few songs off there, but the kids didn’t really get into it too much. I think for next year, I’ll stick with the classics each week instead of trying to fit the songs in with the theme.


Dinosaur Story Time

As I mentioned, there were lots of great books, but we settled on two of my favorites:

  • Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct 
  • A Dinosaur Called Tiny

If I could have gotten it from the library in time, I also would have read Suppose You Meet a Dinosaurbut alas, there was a waiting line.  Before we started the books, I pulled out a few of my daughter’s dinosaur figures and asked the kids to help me identify them.   Then I passed out a few for the younger kids to hold as we read the story.

Both of the books are about helping others and learning to connect with someone you initially didn’t like.  It speaks to the power of friendship and has an easy to follow story line.  The kids seemed quite captivated by both of the stories.


For the craft, we made paper plate dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Story Time

You can find the pattern for this at 101 Parenting.  Kids color the front and back of a paper plate (after you’ve drawn the template on it) and then cut along the bold lines.  Use a hoe puncher where you’ll be putting the brads and then assemble the pieces.   The kids really seemed to like this craft.  We even got 4 older kids wandering off the play ground to do the craft with us at Shades Beach.  Yeah!

Dinosaur Story Time

As for the eyes, you could use googly eyes or sticker eyes (shown).


Usually we just pass out freeze pops for snacks, but since I already had a Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set at the house, I decided to make some tasty sugar cookies!  They were a hit!

Dinosaur Story Time

Until next week!

More Dinosaur Fun!

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