Story Time in the Park: Leaves

Story Time in the Park: Leaves

For our final story time, we decided to look ahead a bit to the fall season.  We focused on a leaf theme and were surprised to find some red and yellow leaves dotting the ground around us.

Song Time

For songs, we did a few of the same songs as last year’s Leaf Day including

  • All the Leaves are the Falling Down (Tune of London Bridges)
  • Do you see the colorful leaves (Tune of Muffin Man)
  • Where is the Red Leaf (Tune of Where is Thumbkin?)

Story Time

Fall Leaves Story Time

I had a little trouble picking books at for this story time.  I thought about doing Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! since my kids really liked Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by the same author, but it seemed a little too in-depth for this preschool age story time.  Instead, I chose one story-focused book and one picture-focused book.

Fall is for Friends by Suzy Spafford

This is an endearing book about two friends who are anxious for fall to arrive. They try all kinds of tricks to make the leaves fall and finally get them to come down by singing.  Inventive and cute.  Grab Fall Is for Friendson Amazon! Only a penny if you buy it used.

Fall Leaves by Don Curry

This book has great pictures and the kids loved finding the frog and mouse friend on (almost) every page.  The words are easy to read and limited, so a few of your audience members might even be able to help read it with you!  Pick up your copy of Fall Leaves here.

Craft Time

For craft, we made leaf crowns.  You can check out the full tutorial on my post over at 3 Boys and a Dog, but basically you glue leaves to a construction paper headband.  We gathered up some leaves in a basket for the story time kids to use, but they were also free to grab a few of their own.

Fall Leaves Story Time

 Some of our Jr. Helpers getting things set up.  They actually ran the whole craf this week.  Nice job, girls! 

Fall Leaves Story Time

Gluing on Leaves

Fall Leaves Story Time

Finished project.  Doesn’t she look like a beautiful forest fairy? 

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