Story Time in the Park: Rain

Story Time in the Park: Rain

Welcome to another Story Time post!  The weather is drying up a little bit, but during “Rain Day”, it certainly looked like the storm clouds were brewing.

Song Time

To begin, we sang a few songs including:

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (the old man is snoring)

The Eensy Weensy Spider

You could also do:

Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun (please come out and play)

If All the Rain Drops

Story Time

There were quite a few good rain books at the library, but we narrowed it down to a few favorites.

Rain Day Books

These are the books we got from the library.

Rain, Rain, Come Again was pretty long, but it was a very engaging story, so the kids stayed pretty interested.  In this book, Pooh and his friends go exploring only to be caught in a rain storm.  At first they are discouraged, but they quickly find many fun things to do like eating water-soaked berries and jumping in puddles.

Who Likes Rain? is a cute book about the sounds and sights of a rain storm.  In the end, the little girl throws off her raincoat and goes jumping in puddles without refrain.  Very cute!

I also love the book, Storm Is Coming! by Heather Tekavec.  In this book, the animals rush to the barn because “Storm is coming”.  They hide in the barn, glad for the rain which will wash away their tracks and the thunder that will scare “Storm” away.  The pictures are bright and the characters are funny and the irony of celebrating the storm while hiding from “Storm” is fun for the parents.  Unfortunately, the Pooh book was pretty long, so we didn’t read this one, but I might sneak it in during “Team Favorite” day!

Craft Time

For our craft, we made a storm scene with cotton balls (clouds) and squished up blue tissue paper (rain).

Rain Day Story Time

  Getting Set Up

Rain Day Story Time (2)


Paulette, one of our team members, getting the tissue paper ready.   We cut the tissue paper into little squares and put them in fairly deep buckets (left over from our Easter event).

Rain Day Story Time (3)

Then we put the cotton balls in buckets.

Rain Day Story Time (4)

We put some white construction paper and a glue stick at every place setting and covered the buckets up while we read the story.  Of course, if you’re inside, you probably won’t have to worry about all that!

Rain Day Story Time (9)

Many of the kids used the crayons to add details like houses and trees.

Rain Day Story Time (10)

Even the littlest ones enjoyed this craft!

Rain Day Story Time (11)

Check out those beautiful creations!

For more Story Time ideas, check out my Story Time Pinterest Board.Check out thos

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