Story Time: Leaves

Story Time: Leaves

This summer, we ran a Story Time in the Park program at a local park here in Erie, PA.   The program was a huge success and we had a lot of fun participating in it.  I tried to highlight most of our weeks during the summer, but a few slipped through the cracks.  One of those was Leaf Day, and I thought this season would be a perfect time to share it!

This was an interesting story time because we had two books picked out, and our story reader had taken them home to practice.  She ended up getting sick, so I rushed to the library at 9AM to pick up some replacement books.

Here’s What We Had Picked Out:

What We Ended Up Reading:

My Take on the Books:

The book by Lois Ehler was very good, but the Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! book was a little off.  The review on Amazon says it best: “Unfortunately, the juxtaposition of somewhat detailed botanical facts with the bears’ affectionate dialogue is often jarring, and the static, cut-paper collage illustrations seem too young for the subject matter presented.”  I skimmed over a few facts in order to keep the book moving during story time, but I think another book would have been a better choice.

Song Time!

I found three songs for this story time session:

    • All the Leaves are the Falling Down (Tune of London Bridges)
    • Do you see the colorful leaves (Tune of Muffin Man) Check out the video below for demo!
    • Where is the Red Leaf (Tune of Where is Thumbkin?)

Be sure to grab this free PDF printable from PickleBums for leaf finger puppets and a cute little song!

Craft Time!

For our craft, we wanted to do something really simple.  I had picked up a Pennsylvania coloring book at the zoo just the week before and it had a great coloring page for all our local leaves.  We used that with the kids, but you can find similiar coloring pages here, here or here (or Google!)

More Craft Options:

Check out my Fall Fun Pinterest Board for lots of leaf-related ideas!  I particularly love the leaf-painting project!

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I love Fall!

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