Storytime: Our New Naptime Devotions Book

Storytime: Our New Naptime Devotions Book

We’ve been doing nap time devotions with the kids for about a year and a half now.  We started with the Preschooler’s Bible and have making our way through several books since then including an Awana Cubby book and the Sweet Dreams Princess Bible.  Recently, we’ve begun using Storytime: A 52-Week Bible Storybook for Families.

Storytime Bible Storybook


It’s designed to be used as a weekly resource, but we’ve been reading from it every day and the kids are really enjoying it (ages 2 & 4).  I appreciate the Bible references at the start of each story and even brings in some cross references such as Amos 4:13 during the Creation story.  After the biblical account, there is a modern day story that brings the story “close to home”. For example, a family goes for a walk in the woods after the creation story, noting all the things God has made.   Or, later in the book, some kids named Mia and Michael pray for their puppy after the story about Jesus healing someone.

Sick Puppy

I love the huge variety of presentation methods in the modern day story.  Sometimes it’s a simple narrative.  Sometimes it is a rebus format like this:

Rebus Form in Storybook Bible

The kids love this one and it’s great for emerging readers!  They also have a comic book form, which is fun for the kids.   So far, the kids are loving it and I am so glad to find a terrific resource to continue our nap time devotional routine.  Reading the Bible story, the modern day story, and the Family Talk Time (discussion guide) takes us about 10 minutes, which is perfect for this age.

My only complaint with this book is the plethora of characters.   There are seven modern day families with 36 total characters — that’s a lot to keep track of!  With the Cubby book, my kids really connected with the corresponding stories because they were able to “get to know” the characters, but this cast is a bit overwhelming.

We’re only on page 45 so far, so maybe we’ll be able to keep them all straight by the end of the book.  Other than that, it’s a terrific resource and one I would highly recommend for family worship time! Grab yours on Amazon!

UPDATE JULY 2014:  We’ve been using this every day still and the kids enjoy the story.  I would say that the Bible pictures give a bit of an “outdated” feel to me, but my preschoolers don’t seem to notice.  Also, it commits the all-too-common faux-pas of spending 5 days on Creation, hitting a few other major OT stories and then skipping straight to Jesus. There’s a lot of stuff missing in there!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are honest and true.  I would never recommend a product I didn’t truly believe in.   

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