Summer Family Fun in Put-In-Bay (Ohio)

Summer Family Fun in Put-In-Bay (Ohio)

After our trip to Put-in-Bay last year, the kids begged to return again this year.  So, this last weekend, we climbed inside the car and away we went.  We weren’t quite as diligent with our starting time (partly because we stopped at the Original Breakfast Place before hitting the road), but we pulling onto the highway about 9:30 and on our way to our favorite Island Getaway.

The boat ride aboard Miller’s Ferry was a blast as usual and we were happy to discover that you can actually park for free when riding the ferry (bonus!).

The view was terrific and there’s nothing like wind blowing through your hair as you sail across the bay!

Once we landed on Catawba Island, we headed straight for Mini-Golf.  Last year, the kids were pretty tired and we didn’t make it very far through the course.  This year, we had higher hopes.  Unfortunately, it still required a little too much concentration for them (our five year old made it to hole #3 and our 7 year old made it to hole #13), but it was still fun to hit the ball around a little.

And of course, the loved the waterfall hole!

After that, we headed to the Butterfly House.  It was a favorite last year and since our 1.5 year old has recently acquired an imaginary pet butterfly (named Sally), we thought it’d be a big hit.  We were right.

It is just amazing the number of butterflies that are floating around (check out the video at the end of the post to get a better look).  The kids just loved running around and looking at them.  They just went crazy when the worker helped them each hold a butterfly.

This one looked like an owl’s eyes when it’s wings were spread.

This one ended up crawling all the way up his neck!

After the Butterfly House, we went in search for some lunch.  It is a little tough to find a kid-friendly restaurant on the main strip, but we finally settled on the Boathouse.  Burgers, fries, and some quesadillas from the appetizer menu were enough to make everyone happy.

We climbed back into our golf cart and decided to do some exploring.  We headed to one of the island to visit the shore line.

And then to the other end to check out the Nature Center.  Unfortunately, we never made it to the Nature Center, because we got distracted by a little playground.

This playground is right near the camping area — where you can stay in a Turret or a tent.  Something we might have to think about for next year!

All in all, another terrific trip for the family.


Put-in Bay!

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