Sunday Snapshot: Gideon Tears Down Baal

Sunday Snapshot: Gideon Tears Down Baal

The other day, my dear friend Joy came in for a visit.  She arrived on a Wednesday and we headed straight to church to set up for the midweek program.  It just happened we were learning about Gideon destroying the altars of Baal (Judges 6) and since Joy is a natural artist, I commissioned her to make a “life size” version of Baal.

Baal and Gideon


To make this statue, we taped some long pieces of paper from one of those rolls to a table, drew an outline and then filled it in with paint, using sponges.  During the lesson, when Gideon tore down the altars, I ripped the altar to shreds (a little sad).  It certainly grabbed the kids attention.  🙂

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