Sunday Snapshot: Making Signs

Sunday Snapshot: Making Signs

Last week, we held a Ministry Fair during the Sunday School hour at church.  Each ministry got their own booth and was able to showcase who the ministry served, ways to get involved, and ways the ministry benefits families in our church.  I volunteered to make the signs for each booth after I stumbled onto this great lettering site.  If you’re in children’s ministry, you know how often we need to make signs, so I was excited to find some new exciting ways to do it!  Check out the final products!

Bic Mark-it Markers for the letter outlines and the blue & orange fill-in.  Green shading is water-color.

Black sharpie for the letter outlines.  Geometric designs in the gaps creates a fun and intricate look

This one was a lot of fun to make — Bic markers and watercolor again.

For this, I did the letters with black sharpie, going back over them again to make them very thick. Watercolor for the circles.

Simple Triangles make this sign really pop!

Black sharpie for the letter outlines, and then watercolor to fill in the spaces.  Simple shapes around the edging.

Orange Bic marker and orange crayon to color in.  Blue Bic marker around the edge.

Bic markers for the letters, and stamp pad for the feet.  Did you know you can make baby feet using the side of your hand and fingers for the little toe prints? Fun!

I love the single color on this one and how it really emphasizes the shapes inside the letters.  Around the outside, I wrote a verse that coordinates with this ministry.

What About You?

What do you do to make your signs stand out?

Leave me a comment and tell me about it!

Grab a good book!

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  1. I add a little bit of glitter and use more bright colored pens to make my signs stand out. I feel unless they are loud, will they get noticed?
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  2. I have to agree — everything is better with glitter!


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