Super Simple Crafts for the Littlest of Hands

Super Simple Crafts for the Littlest of Hands

Hello! A few days ago, I was honored to present at the INCM Early Childhood Webinar.  I promised I would try to post pictures of some of the crafts I shared during that webinar for those of you who might not have been able to take notes at the time. These crafts are perfect for ages 6 months through about 5 years old.

10 Essential Craft Supplies

To begin, you want to make sure your cupboards are stocked with these essential supplies.  With these things on hand, you can do almost any of the crafts found below.   They are (in no particular order):

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Glue sticks
  3. Google Eyes
  4. Stickers
  5. Crayons
  6. Watercolor paints + Smock  (Dollar Tree or Discount School Supply)
  7. Hole Punchers
  8. Cookie Cutters  (Craft Stores)
  9. Cotton Balls
  10. Giant Stamp Pad

Bonus Supplies:  Laminator, Q-tips, Glitter

4 Types of Projects to Try

  • Holiday/Seasonal
  • Hand print
  • Theme (Animal, Bible Story, Weather, etc)
  • Finish Me Project

Holiday and Seasonal

There’s nothing like a craft to make a holiday even more festive.  Try out these fun holiday and seasonal crafts with the little ones in your class!

Construction Paper Mitten Craft: Trace around hands to create mitten shape and glue on cotton balls.

Construction Paper Hat: Semi-circle on the top and rectangle construction paper on the bottom.  Embellish with cotton balls.

Spring Rainbow: Paper strips from construction paper and topped off with cotton balls

Spring Flowers: Have the little ones put on flowers and then add stems to complete the garden

Summer Paper Plate Flower: Child colors or does watercolor on plate and then adult cuts into flower shape

Q-tip Fall Tree: Adult draws a simple tree on construction paper and then child paints with a pinch of paint and Q-tips

Fall Place mat: Make leaves with a hole puncher, glue onto construction paper and run through the laminator

Hand Print Craft

Seriously, what is cuter than a teeny tiny hand print (or foot print) turned into a craft?

Fish in the Sea: Brush a little hand with paint (or use jumbo stamp pad) and push onto paper plate.  Add eyes, a smile, and little blue waves.

Hand Print Pot Holders: Grab a set of plain pot holders a the dollar tree.  Paint a little hand with paint and then push onto the pot holder.  Finish off with a message written with puffy (dimensional) paint.

Yoda Best Dad: This one was found uploaded to Pinterest (couldn’t find original site).  Paint little one’s foot (put kids in a high chair to minimize the mess) and then push onto card stock.  After it is dry, add embellishments to make it a fabulous dad gift.

Themed Crafts

For this category, you could concentrate on birds for a month (or some other animal), focus on weather, try to coordinate with the pastor’s sermon, or go through a little series of your own.

Weather is always a fun theme for little ones.  For this craft, allow a child to “pounce” yellow paint around with the pouncers (or you could use a sponge) onto a paper plate.  Once it is dry, cut slits to make it into a sun.  Want to make it even cuter?  Add some google eyes.

Told ya.

This simple circle pig would be cute to go along with the story of the Prodigal son.

Here’s a version that’s a little more complex (check out the curly ribbon tail!) for the older kids your group.

Finish Me Projects

To finish off the list (haha, pun intended) — let’s take a look at “Finish Me” projects.  These are ones where you do most of the work and then the little one adds a finishing touch.   The sticker flower garden above is a good example.

For the butterfly craft, either draw simple wings or find a template online and cut out some construction paper wings.  Allow the little one to glue on the wings and then color and decorate.  Don’t forget about those google eyes!

That’s it for now!  Thanks for stopping by!

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