Lion of Judah (Ugh)

I got an email the other day about a new children's video called "Lion of Judah".  I checked out the trailer (below) and ordered it.  I thought we might be able to use it in our Children's Church program on Palm Sunday or Easter.  All I have to say is, I'm glad I previewed it first.  Ugh. I've been on the hunt for quality Christian films for my two year old to watch when she starts begging for the television.  Lately, we've been filling the screen … [Read more...]

Voyage with the Vikings: Book Review

Voyage with the Vikings: Book Review

Peril.  Suspense.  Intrigue, and of course imagination! In the first book of this Adventures in Odyssey series, authors Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker capture the reader's attention immediately.  If you're looking for a book series for your preteen (especially boys!), this may be the ticket. In this high-seas adventure, cousins Beth and Patrick visit Whit's End on an ordinary Monday.  The day soon develops into an extraordinary experience as the kids take a ride in the Imagination Station … [Read more...]

She Does it Again!

She Does it Again!

Engaging.  Believable.  Personal and Uplifting.   These are some of the words I would use to describe Neta Jackson's book, Who is My Shelter? An offshoot from her wildly popular The Yada Yada Prayer Group series, the House of Hope series stands strong on its own accord.  With the characters you know and love from the Yada Yada series sprinkled throughout the story line, a former Neta reader gets just enough familiarity to help you feel comfortable but not so much that you feel you've "been down … [Read more...]

Top Three Cutest Kid Prayers

Kids Pray the Darndest Things! httpv:// Very enthusiastic 2-year old sings Lord's Prayer httpv:// This little girl completes the Lord's Prayer with a little help httpv:// And one more, just for fun!  You SURELY have to watch this one! httpv:// … [Read more...]

Molly Pickens: The Whole Story

If you read my original review of Molly Pickens you’ll know I had a few issues with the curriculum including: Lessons are too abstract for real-life application Too much emphasis on “power of love” Videos aren’t lesson driven enough/not enough biblical content After talking with Matthew Young, my issues with Molly were cleared up a bit.  Here’s what he shared: Media-Enriched, not Media-driven Molly Pickens curriculum is teacher-driven, media-enriched.  It is not a DVD-based … [Read more...]

Goals for Molly Pickens (interview with Matthew Young)

I'm excited to announce I had a chance to talk with Matthew Young, one of the creators of the Fantastic World series last Thursday.  After filling me in on some insight about Molly Pickens and talking about his recent release of Tiny Pirate, he shared some of the original goals of the Fantastic World series: Not Your Every-day Curriculum The adventures in the Fantastic World were never intended to be an on-going everday curriculum.  Instead, Molly Pickens was designed to break up the … [Read more...]