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Looking for something? Here are our most popular posts: The Thrifty Egyptian: Marketplace, crafts and more! The Thrifty Egyptian: Craft ideas and resource websites Minute to Win It for Church (part one) Minute to Win It for Church (part two) Egypt Vacation Bible School: Ideas and more The Lads Preteen Curriculum … [Read more...]

Egyptian Costume Ideas

Egyptian Costume Ideas

Walk like an Egyptian... and look like one too! Looking for some Egyptian Accessories for your Vacation Bible School?  Check out some of these sites: From Bald head covering - for the Joseph who doesn't want to shave his head for the role (or has been forbidden by his wife to do so!)  $3.47 Arabian Mantle Head covering - great for male shop keepers or family leaders $9.97 Gold Egyptian Crown Headpiece - $29.97 Cleopatra Beaded Headpiece - $22.97 From … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Plaster of Paris

Make Your Own Plaster of Paris

Budget Friendly Project for VBS Trying to keep costs down for your Vacation Bible School?  We're doing the Egypt theme this year and I'd like to make papyrus and cartouches (with hieroglyphs on them).  Both call for plaster of paris to hold them together, so I went searching for a recipe to make our own and found the following two methods (if you'd like more information on the papyrus or cartouche, check out the Thrifty Egyptian series, or leave a comment and I'll get back to you!). First, … [Read more...]

The Thrifty Egyptian: Date Candy Recipe

Use this for your Egypt VBS! Ancient Egyptian Date Candy Recipe Supplies: small mixing bowl, 1 cup chopped dates, water, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cardamom seeds, 1/2 cup ground up walnuts, small amount of honey, small dish of finely ground almonds, spoon.    Instructions:  1) Mix dates with enough water to make a date "paste".  Add cinnamon, cadamom seeds, and walnuts, and mix together. 2) Roll the mixture into balls then drip a little bit of honey on them. 3) Finally, roll the date balls … [Read more...]

The Experienced Egyptian: Advice from the Trenches

Advice about Vacation Bible School Just got an email today from one of the ladies I attended VBS University with.  She shared some of the lessons her church learned from their freshly completed Vacation Bible School program. Here's what she said: 1. There needs to be LOTS of stuff in the marketplace. The smaller the attendance, the more stuff there needs to be. 2. Having the marketplace outside was a great change of scenery, but the kids tended to lose focus. When we moved it inside … [Read more...]

Music Videos to Use for Egypt VBS

Take a Look! httpv:// One True God httpv:// Children of God by Stephen Curtis Chapman httpv:// Okay, not quite related. This is about Moses, but it's the Veggie Tales rapping, and pretty funny. Check out the Whole Thrifty Egyptian Series: Thrifty Egyptian Marketplace Thrifty Egyptian Crafts Thrifty Egyptian … [Read more...]