Teaching Your Preschooler about God: Stories & Verses

Teaching Your Preschooler about God: Stories & Verses

Are You looking for a way to learn more about God as a family?

Are you wondering how to start to teach your child about God and the Bible?

Lately, I’ve been reading through a wonderful book called How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph.  The book gives a great overview of the spiritual development of a child.  It also gives very concrete and practical ideas for each age group.  Here are some tips the author, Linda Massey Weddle, gives for preschoolers:

Pray in front of your children

Let your child hear you talking about God about everything, not just rote or memorized prayers.  Pray together about jobs, neighbors, friends, family, and more.

Practicing Prayer

Read the Bible to your children

You don’t have to read a whole lot.  Choose a few verses that your preschooler can understand.  Practice looking up verses in the Bible together.  Buy your child their own Bible filled with colorful pictures so they can read the book on their own as well.  I’m personally a fan of The Preschooler’s Bible as well as the Read and Share Bible.   The kids I’ve been providing childcare for (ages 4 & 5) have been loving it.  We read 30-50 pages every day and they are still asking for more!

Preschool Bible Reading

Encourage your children to have an attitude of thankfulness

Remind your child to say thank you when they receive a treat from a friend or another adult and remember to thank your child when they help you with something (like setting the table or picking up clothes).  Even very young children can draw thank you cards for gifts they’ve received.  Thank God for things when you are praying as well.

In our house, we love the song Don’t Be A Turkey from Yancy’s Little Praise Party album.  It’s fun, light-hearted and reminds kids to say thank you in all circumstances.

Don't Be A Turkey

Biographies  to Consider:

  • Joseph in Genesis 37-39:  Preschoolers will be able to understand Joseph’s brothers being jealous of the colorful coat and extra attention from dad.  Joseph was obedient to his dad when he asked him to check on his brothers.  This would be a great story for sibling rivalry.
  • Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34: Josiah was crowned king when he was only 8 years old! Ask your children what it would be like if they were king or queen.  Josiah was a good king because he followed God’s way.  How does following God help us to make good decisions?
  • David (Psalms, 1 & 2 Kings): David is a key character in the Bible.  There are all kinds of things we can learn from David like bravery, obedience, importance of prayer, and forgiveness.

The Divided Kingdom (18)

Great Bible Verses to Learn Together:

  • Genesis 1:1 This verse is a great way to remind kids that God is the creator of the world.  When you’re building with blocks or play-dough, talk to your child about how God creator the world in a similar way, only He did it out of nothing!
  • Matthew 28:20 Help kids learn that God will be with them everywhere – at school, church, on the playground, and at a friend’s house.
  • Ephesians 6:1 God wants kids to obey their parents.  They don’t have a choice.  Teach your children this verse to reinforce your authority and God’s authority.

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  1. I think that this is great information. I will be using some of these ideas with my sunday school class. I tend to teach material and “get too deep” with my kids, so it is good to have a reminder of level appropriate ideas.