Teaching About the Old Testament with Kids: Books of History

Teaching About the Old Testament with Kids: Books of History

We’re going through a series from Discipletown called How to Navigate the Old Testament.  We spent about three weeks on the Law and now we’re headed into the books of History (the adventure books!).

One of our goals as we head through this series is memorizing the books of the Bible.  You can find a few ideas in my previous posts, and here are a few more I’ve dug up in the last few days.

Bible Verse Review Games

Domino Books of the Bible Review Game

Danielle’s Place has a ton of great Bible verse review games that can easily be adapted for learning the Books of the Bible.  I especially liked the domino game where you use masking tape to put the names of the books on each domino, line them up and watch them go!  Head on over to her website to see a whole slew of additional games!

Erase a Letter

Erase a Letter Game

In this game, from Bible Lessons for Kids, you use a dry erase board and the first letter of every book to help kids learn the books in order.  Check out the full directions here.

Cereal Box Books of the Bible

Cereal Boxes

Here’s another bunch of games and activities focused on the books of the Bible from Danielle’s Place.  In the picture above, cereal boxes are decorated to feature some of the important stories in each book. Check out all the ideas in this post.

Jenga Tower Books

1 (1)

This idea, from Lifeway uses the Jumbling Tower game (generic form of Jenga) to learn the books of the Bible.  When kids pull a block out, they must say what book comes before it and after it.  Or, they could put the tiles in order on a separate table as they come out.

Book of Joshua

This week, in our midweek program, we’ll be focusing on the book of Joshua.  Here are some fun activities to coordinate with the lesson.

Jericho Themed Crafts

In this post by Bible Crafts and Activities, you can find a number of crafts to go along with the Jericho story including building a wall, making trumpets or shofars, and making a red cord like Rahab.

Make Your Own Board Game

This post gives directions and printables for making a simple board game, complete with questions about the story of Jericho.

Simple Bookmark

Simple Wall of Jericho Bookmark

This would be a great craft for the younger kids.  I can’t find the exact post on Family of Fish blog, but it looks like all you need is some red yarn, red construction paper and some cardstock.

Achan’s Sin

With this craft, kids can make Achan’s tent with scraps of fabric and discuss the importance of honesty and obey’s God’s rules.  Find the full instructions in Children’s Bible Lessons.  Find more Achan themed lessons and crafts at Calvary Kids.  In our church, we also talked about Achan when we were going through the Catechism questions.  You can find that lesson along with some games to play in this Growing Kids Ministry post.

The Sun Stands Still

Mr. Sun Project  (Joshua 10)

For this account, taken from Joshua 10, a simple construction sun would be a great project for the preschool age.  To find plenty more ideas, check out Calvary Kids.


More Growing Kids Ministry Posts from the Book of Joshua

Giant Grapes and Serving God (Joshua)

Joshua 24: Giant Grapes and Serving God

Crossing the Jordan River

Crossing the Jordan River: Toddler Craft

Walls and Battle of Jericho  (1)

Battle of Jericho Lesson and Craft

Ark of the Covenant Stickers

Ark of the Covenant

Pinterest Boards to Check Out:

In case you didn’t find something you like, be sure to check out these Pinterest boards dedicated specifically to the book and person of Joshua:

That’s all for now!  Tune in next week for some lesson ideas for the book of Judges!

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