Teaching Kids the Catechism (Review and Recitation)

Teaching Kids the Catechism (Review and Recitation)

It’s time for another Review week for us!  This time, we’re reviewing these lessons:

We’ve also started learning the books of the Bible, using this super fun video, so we’ll be doing some books of the Bible games as well!

Our curriculum, Kids’ Quest, suggests having a Popcorn, Parade, and Praise God party.  I think a few of our older kids might scoff at the parade (our curriculum is geared towards the younger crowd), but I’m loving the popcorn and lively praise idea!

Popcorn and Praise

We’ll be singing some songs from our Spring Song List and really pumping up the volume!  Here’s the plan for the night:

Our Schedule

  • Welcome, Rules, and Announcements (5 minutes)
  • Review Games (15 minutes)
  • Praise Party (Songs) (15 minutes)
  • Free Play (15 minutes)
  • Popcorn Snack Time (10 minutes)

Pop Up Answer

To begin the review games, we’ll ask questions about past lessons and catechism questions. We’ll go by rows (kids are seated according to age on our new Easy Risers) and if kids know the answer, they can pop up.  Score will, of course, be boy vs. girls.

Grab all our Review Questions via Power Point right here!

Easy Risers!

Catechism Review Cards

I drafted up some review cards for the kids to match up (question to answer).  You can grab a copy here if you’d like!  We’ll probably play it like a race, each small group racing to get done first, with the younger kids getting a little reading help from their small group leaders.

Catechism Review Cards Printable

Books of the Bible Sort

I’m planning on making up some note cards for the books of the Bible and having kids sort them via Old Testament or New Testament  as a game. We’ll divide kids up into teams, have them run to the pile, grab a book of the Bible card, and then run it to the appropriate table marked either “Old Testament” or “New Testament”.

Small Group Time

Since we’ll be doing so much review as a large group, I’m hoping that the small group leaders will spend some time praying with the kids or writing letters to our Compassion child.

Popcorn and Praise Party: Catechism Review Week in a Protestant Church

That’s it for now!

More Reading on the Catechism in a Protestant Church:

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