Teaching Preschoolers About Quiet Time

Teaching Preschoolers About Quiet Time

We’ve got a new tradition in our house: Nap Time Devotions!

After lunch, I put my son to sleep as my 3 year old daughter reads quietly in her bed.  When the little monster is snug and sleeping, I move over to Chipmunk’s room and we have a toddler-version of quiet time.

To begin, we read a few stories from The Preschooler’s Bible.

The Preschooler's Bible by David C. Cook

Chipmunk just got this Bible for Christmas and she absolutely loves it.    Right now, her favorite stories are Daniel and the Lion’s Den and Jonah.  In fact, I just heard her playing in the living room today with some penguins and the conversation went something like this:

Penguin#1: Oh no, I’m so scared of this storm!

Penguin #2: Well, you shouldn’t have tried to run away from God.  Let’s just pray.

Hmmm… Well, I think something is sticking!  🙂

I follow my daughter’s lead when it comes to Bible reading.. usually 2-3 stories, but generally I have to cut her off or else she would have me read for hours!  After Bible reading, we TRY to make some kind of application, but I’m focusing on Bible knowledge right now.

Next, we set the Bible aside for a minute and spend some time praying for our friends and family (about 2 minutes).

At this point, I leave the room (after a hug!) and tell her that she is allowed to read the Bible for as long as she once.

Last week, I checked on her after about 30 minutes and she was STILL reading!  Yippee!!  She finally fell asleep, but I was so glad that she was genuinely interested in the Bible.

I’m really excited about this new tradition of ours.  I think Chipmunk is old enough to start having some quiet time of her own, and this also creates some space for us to talk and discuss spiritual things if she has questions.  The baby is asleep, so she gets undivided attention and I think she has really come to value the time as something special as well.

In Review

3 Stories from Kids Bible
Short Prayer for Family and Friends 
Hug and Goodbye
Independent “Reading” Until She Falls Asleep

What About You?

Have you introduced a “quiet time” idea to your kids?  What kinds of things work for your family?

Update: My daughter (now almost 4) received the Sweet Dreams Princess: God’s Little Princess Bedtime Bible Stories, Devotions, & Prayers, which I love love love!  It uses actual Scripture and then follows up with a devotional to bring application home for a little one.  I find it very meaningful and would highly recommend it!

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  1. Lindsey, I love how you are helping your daughter cultivate her relationship with Jesus at an early age. Keep up the good work!
    Kathie Phillips recently posted..How We Brought Preteen Parents and Leaders Together

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kathie. I’ve really enjoyed our experience so far!

  3. As my two year is almost three this was a great post for me. 🙂 Thanks for this post.
    PS I do a Friday Linky party w/400 visitors if you want to link up!

  4. I’m so glad you find it helpful, Monica.


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