Teaching the Catechism in a Protestant Church: Wrapping it Up!

Teaching the Catechism in a Protestant Church: Wrapping it Up!

Wow!  I can hardly believe we’re reaching the end of our Kids’ Quest Catechism lessons.  We’ve been working through questions and answers for 13 weeks now and have laid a terrific foundation for a biblical worldview. We’re hoping to pick back up with the catechism in the fall, but for the summer we’ll be doing some new things like the Wacky World of Water VBS curriculum and our theme nights!

Review and Recitation

This week, we’re wrapping everything up with one final review and recitation night!

Here’s the plan!

  • Welcome & Announcements (5 minutes)
  • Review Cards (5 minutes)
  • Review Game Large Group (15 minutes)
  • Songs & Worship Time (10 minutes)
  • Books of the Bible Relay (8 minutes)
  • Small Group (Chatting and Prayer) (11 minutes)
  • Snack and Wrap up (5 minutes)

Review Cards

Catechism Review Cards Printable

I’ll be adding to our review cards from last time and we’ll have the kids match up the questions and answers again.  My friend and fellow team mate, Paulette, suggested adding a clip art of the coordinating Bible story as well, so I might try to do that too!

Catechism Review Game

Jeopardy with a Little Twist

I just picked up these Answer Buzzers on Amazon (I just couldn’t help myself) and it’s been a little while since we played a good Jeopardy game, so I think we’ll go that route for our review night.   Of course, it’s hard to keep things even when you’ve got 5th graders competing against preschoolers, so this time, we’ll add a little twist to the game.    Inspired by an idea I read over at Faith Kids Connection, I’ll place smiley faces and frowny faces behind a few of the jeopardy questions.  Like the “daily double” on the real show, the smiley will give you a chance to double your points with one correct answer.  The frowny faces wipe out your entire score.

Grab all our Review Questions via Power Point here!


Flickr by Friendswood Library


 I also just read about a fun game that involves shooting a ball and stealing points that I might have to think about too.  You can read all about “Grungeball” at To Engage Them All Blog.

Spin a Wheel

And if that’s not enough choices to think about, I also just found a site called Wheel Decide where you can put in your own choices (or points!) and then have the kids “spin” before each turn.

Check it out!

Oh man!

I better stop browsing!

Books of the Bible


We’ve been learning the books of the Bible with this song and the kids love it!  For review night, I think we’ll sort Books of the Bible into “Pentateuch”, “History” and “Books of Wisdom” relay race style.  Check out these fabulous business card sizes flashcards I found! 

That’s the plan!

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