Teaching the Catechism to Kids (Lesson Round-Up)

Teaching the Catechism to Kids (Lesson Round-Up)

We recently finished a series on the Catechism for Boys and Girls using the Great Commission Kids’ Quest curriculum.  It was a great set of lessons for us and it could be a terrific resource for parents as well.  We adapted a few of the lessons and added games and crafts, so you should be able to find something for almost any age group.

Big Teaching

Check out our first set of 13 lessons in this Round Up!  Click on the picture or link below for more details on the lessons.

Who Made You

Question #1 Who Made You?

What else did God make

Q2: What Else Did God Make?

Why did God make all things

Q3: Why Did God Make All Things? 

How can you glorify God

Q4: How Can You Glorify God?

Why Should You Glorify God

Q5: Why Should You Glorify God?

Review and Recitation

Q6: Review and Recitation  (Part 1)

One True God

Q7: Is There More Than One True God?

How many persons

Q8: How Many Persons of God Are There?

Three Persons

Q9: Who are the Three Persons of God?

What is God

Q10: What is God?

Popcorn and Praise

Popcorn and Praise Party: Review Night, Part 2

Can You See God, Q10

Q11: Can You See God?

Does God Know All Things Q11

Q12: Does God Know All Things?

Can God Do All Things

Q13: Can God Do All Things? 

Review and Recitation

Wrapping it All Up: Final Review Night 


Big Questions and Answers Display Wall

Catechism in a Protestant Church

Read all about it here.

We’ll be jumping back into these Q&A in the Fall with a whole new set of lessons.  Stay tuned for more details!


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