Teaching the Old Testament to Kids: Judges

Teaching the Old Testament to Kids: Judges

This year, in our midweek program, we’re working through both the Old Testament and the New Testament in order to help the kids navigate through their Bible with ease.  We’re using Discipleland’s curriculum as the foundation and adding in some crafts and activities along the way.  We finished up covering the Books of the Law about two weeks ago and last week, touched on two important accounts in Joshua which help show the consequences for obeying or disobeying God. Click on the links below for the previous lessons:

This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the book of Judges.

Crafts from Judges

Samson Hair

Who wouldn’t want some crazy long hair like Samson?  Check out this fun craft from Kids and the Bible.

Deborah’s Palm Tree

Using some green construction paper and paper towel holders (both in plentiful supply around my office), you can make a palm tree like the one Deborah sat under in order to judge God’s people.   Check out the full directions for the picture above at Meaningful Mama.

If you want to get really fancy, you can find directions for making palm trees out of green soda bottles at Parents Magazine.

Palm Tree Centerpieces

Ehud and King Eglon

The Hands on Bible teacher made this fun egg shaped image to help kids remember King Eglon’s name.  If you wanted to get really crazy with the kids, you could even have them stab a hard boiled egg (peeled) with a toothpick, pretending to be Ehud.   A little gruesome and weird, but I bet the boys would love it!  Remember to have them use their left hand!

Activities from Judges

Judges Timeline

Make a Timeline for Judges

Using the information from this post at Bible Fun for Kids, you can easily construct a Bible timelines with an older group of kids.  There are even Judge Posters to print at add to the timeline from the same post.

Hands On with Gideon


Check out this unit study on Gideon from Hands on Learning (a homeschool blog).  It includes acting, drawing, and plenty more to draw the kids in!

Who is Your Daddy, Othniel?

Thank You

The Bible doesn’t elaborate much on Othniel (Judges 3:9-11), but we do know that he was Caleb’s nephew, which means that his father was Caleb’s younger brother.  We know that Caleb was a spiritual leader to the people of Israel, and perhaps he was also a spiritual mentor to Othniel.  As the kids if they have someone in their life that they look up to spiritually.  It might not be their parents, but rather an uncle or a grandparent.  If you, as a leader, have a someone in your life that had a big impact, share that story as well.  If time permits, consider writing thank you notes to the spiritual leaders in your lives.

Word Puzzles and More!

Check out this post from Bible Wise for tons of activities and coloring pages broken down by each Judge.  

Games from Judges

Make a Game Board

Using the questions from Sunday School sources (scroll down to the bottom), play a game with the kids in your group to learn about the people found in the book of Judges.   You can also print off a gameboard from this site or grab a poster board and make one of your own.   To learn more about the game board in the picture, head to Inspired by Family. 

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