Ten Changes for Tru

Ten Changes for Tru

One of the excited things about The Gathering is the “Big Ten” announcement about all the things that are in the works for Tru.  In case you couldn’t make it, I wanted to fill you in!

#10: HomeFront is completely Redesigned!

The HomeFront monthly now comes in cool magazine format, and the e-magazine format is in the works so you can grab it on your e-reader as well.  The HomeFront weekly is less text heavy and a lot more fun to read!

#9: God in Action VBS

We love the idea of Go Big VBS and getting outside the walls of the church.  We took this same idea and revised the theme a little bit to create God in Action VBS.  It will be available in January and it will be based on the Action Bible.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

#8 Tru Sunday School!

This is our most requested resource and now it’s finally here!  Of course, you don’t have to use it for Sunday School.  Use it wherever it fits in your ministry best!

#7 Tru Communities

We’re working on establishing 25 leaders throughout the United States in order to run the Tru Communities.  This will be a place where curriculum users can gather together monthly or quarterly and encourage each other or share ideas.  Currently, we’ve got about 12 leaders, so we’re well on our way!

#6 TruMinistry.com (launched Friday morning!)

This will be a place where Tru Community is happening all the time.  You can head to this site for videos from The Gathering, great ideas for lessons, decorations and more!

#5 New Site to Buy Curriculum

Also in the works is a new place to buy curriculum — stay tuned!

#4 Family Ministry Conversations

These will be happening around the United States throughout the year.  They are a one day event about the philosophy of Tru and family ministry.   What’s new this year is a follow-up event about a week later — a webinar with Michelle where you can ask all the questions that popped up as you sat at home and digested all the stuff you learned at the original event.

#3 Level Up (June Special)

During the month of June, when you buy any package of Tru, you are automatically BUMPED UP to the next level!  If you’re package isn’t expired in June, don’t worry. You can buy the level up special and apply it to the end of your contract.

#2 Double the Gathering!

This year, we had to turn a lot of people away because we wanted to maintain the small, close-knit atmosphere you’ve come to expect at The Tru Gathering.  However, we want as many people as possible to get the benefits of The Gathering, so we’re hosting two next year!  California will remain one location and we’re still deciding on location number two.  Stay tuned!

#1 Tru Give

We’re really excited about this one!  Whenever you buy a package of Tru, you get the privilege of gifting that exact same package to any church you’re like.  If you’re partnered with a church and they would never be able to afford Tru, now you can be the hero!   And they’ll get a top-notch product to boot!

What about You?

What change are you most excited about?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

* This post is part of  series of live blogging posts from David C. Cook’s “The Gathering” conference in Costa Mesa, CA.  For all The Gathering posts, click here! *


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  1. Frank Tan says:

    Thanks, Lindsey, for all the info on Tru. We’re looking at it right now for our Sunday School in the fall.

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Frank. Glad you’re considering Tru. June is a great time to buy with the bonus bump and all that. I was really impressed with the heart of the curriculum and the writers.

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