Ten on Tuesday: Halloween

Ten on Tuesday: Halloween

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If VBS is the siren call of summer, then Halloween is the frightening fall debate. Do we participate?  Do we offer an alternative?  Do we personally engage?  Do we get mad at church families who send their kids trick or treating?  Tough call. I was just reading through Think Orange again in preparation for Orange Week at KidMin1124 and I happened across a little section on Halloween. Conveniently, Reggie posted the same section on Ministry to Children just yesterday!  He writes,

“Watch your neighborhood closely today.
Listen to the laughter.
Take a look at the generosity.
Taste the sugar.
Feel the energy.
See the glow in the children’s eyes.
Notice the parents walking with their kids.
And observe how families connect with other families.
It seems kind of … magical.”

I admit it.  We never participated in Halloween growing up because of its Satanic roots, but when I see the cute baby costumes… something in me stirs.  Then, I instantly recoil at the thought.  So what’s a Christian to do?  Here’s some great articles to help you sort it out yourself.  Let me know what your family and your church do!

Trunk or Treat: How to run one at your church – great Halloween alternative, if you’re into that!

Adventures in Odyssey explains Halloween – don’t know what to say to your kids?  Allow Whit to get the conversation going.

Halloween: History of the Dead, Fun, and Christian Angst – If all our major holidays have roots in pagan rituals, where do we draw the line?

Peter Pumpkin Lesson – Jesus can clean out your life and shine through you

Five Halloween Alternatives – now here are some clearly creative alternatives.  No run-of-the-mill Fall Fest in this list!

Sunday School lessons dealing with Halloween – several age levels to choose from

Halloween: Yes or No? – Join the debate, and check out some great resources

Hallo-what? – Children’s Ministry Talk pulls through again with some great suggestions to share Christ on Halloween

Ministry to Children Forums — join the conversation!

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