That Goose Just Bit Me!

That Goose Just Bit Me!

Today, I’m guest posting over at Crafty Mom 101 as part of Guest Post Month!

Here’s a little peek at my post to get you started:

At the beginning of Summer, I thought about making a Bucket List.  My kids are now old enough to enjoy many of our local attractions so I wanted to make the most of this season.  Of course, I never actually got around to writing the bucket list, but I did have a lot of ideas floating around my head.  Walk to a nearby Dairy Queen to get ice cream?  Check!  Visit my sister and swim in her pool? Done!  Visit a local “walk-through zoo”?  Here we come!

I had seen billboards for Pymatuning Deer Park several times and every time I saw an ad, I thought “We should go there!”  But alas, summer was slipping away and the day trip wasn’t on the calendar!  I had heard many a friend talk about how fun it was and how much the kids enjoy it, so I finally buckled down, took a good hard look at my calendar and blocked out a day to go.  My friend Nicole and her kids signed up for the fun too.

Head on over to Crafty Mom 101 to read the rest of the post and let me now what you’re hoping to squeeze in before the weather turns too cold!

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