That Was [not] Boring.

That Was [not] Boring.

I’m a huge fan of podcasts.  I started listening when my firstborn started taking her baths in the sink.  I had to stand right next to her, but she was very content playing without my involvement.   Of course, it’s delightful to watch a little one splashing all around, but after awhile I was look for something a little more to do while I waited for bath time to be over.

Enter the podcast.  It was perfect.  I could keep my eyes on my daughter and learn all at the same time.  The first podcast I started listening to was Children’s Ministry Talk, but I soon added many more to the list.  Sermons made the list occasionally and I bought the first set of seminars from the Pajama Conference.   Since I’ve now fallen in love with podcasts, I expanding my listening times.  Now I listen while I clean, while driving in the car, and while walking outside.

Recently, we started using the 252 curriculum so I wanted to check out the Orange Podcasts.  I started listening to this one and immediately,  I noticed something was different.   There was music in the background.   Something soft, slightly dramatic, and totally engaging.   It instantly enhanced the whole experience.  The words seemed more powerful, the message more personal, and it definitely kept me engaged.

What a simple thing.  Adding a background track.  Using a little music.

Often, I am a bit wary of using music in a service.  I feel like it manipulates the audience and stretches into emotionalism.  But I’m starting to have second thoughts.   After all, we use all kinds of other “special effects” in Children’s Ministry — props, motions, object lessons, drama, audience participation, pictures, videos and lots more.     Why shouldn’t we use a little music during the formal lesson?  Upon further thought, I don’t think it’s manipulation at all, I think it’s engaging all the senses.  I think its making an excellent presentation.  And it’s something I think I’ll be trying.

What About You?

Do you use background music while giving the lesson?  Why or why not?


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