The Almighty Bible: Exodus

The Almighty Bible: Exodus

After reading The Almighty Bible: Genesis, I was pretty impressed.  Five months later, I’m still thinking about pictures from that book, and am even more impressed that it has allowed me, a seasoned Bible reader, a whole new way to connect with God’s Word.   When I finally sat down to read The Almighty Bible: Exodus, I was not disappointed.

I mean, who wouldn’t get a little wound up seeing the 10 Plagues, the first Passover, walking through the Red Sea, Moses talking with God, and a whole host of other really intense biblical accounts illustrated beautifully in the pages of this book?  I again love the fact that the verses are below each comic segment, not making the reader jump from thought bubble to thought bubble.  The pictures seem to be biblical accurate, and of course, they are pretty captivating.   At first, I didn’t think most parents would want to buy each individual book separately, in order to “collect the whole Bible”, but I be beginning to whistle a different tune.  These are so well done, they would be an excellent collection for any youngster, especially if you get other family members involved in the giving process.

There are few minor complaints with Exodus, and I mean minor.

  1. I’m still not crazy about the title “The Almighty Bible” — I think Almighty should be reserved for God.  Likewise, I’m not crazy about using the term “Yahweh” for God. I know that it historically was His proper name, but the Israelites weren’t allowed to speak it or write it, and perhaps that particular name deserves a little more
  2. The swirls of supernatural magic everywhere.  On nearly every page there are bright light swirls that symbolize God’s power or something miraculous happening.  After awhile, it got to be a bit much.  I doubt there were magical lights during the actual events, so maybe we can tone it down in the drawings as well.
  3. The wings of eagles passage in Exodus 19 was drawn literally when I’m pretty sure it was a metaphor.  Not a huge deal, but the eagle was actually carrying Moses, and kids might get the wrong impression.
Other than that, great series!  I’m excited that it’s also offered through an app.  Great for tech savvy parents!
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