The Big Questions: Catechism Wall Display

The Big Questions: Catechism Wall Display

We just finished up our first unit teaching kids the Catechism for Boys and Girls.  On review night, we went over the key stories, Scripture verses, and of course, the Questions and Answers.  While not every question was answered correctly, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was when one boy, age 7, answered this question:

Q: Can God do all things?

Without hestitation, he answered, “Yes, God can do all his Holy will!”

I was just looking for a yes, but I was so pleased to hear that this kid had really taken the time to memorize the full answer.  Turns out, they have taped our  on their snack cupboard at home and do a little review whenever their tummy starts to rumble.


Even though we are taking a break for the summer to do some fun other curriculum including the Wacky World of Water and God in Action, I wanted to put up a wall display so the kids could keep the questions in front of them (and keep reviewing them!)

Question and Answer Wall

Catechism in a Protestant Church

 Big Picture View

We have been using slides with little monster creations from PicMonkey, so when I spotted these guys, I thought it would be the perfect way to display the questions.

Question #5 Catechism

Here’s a closer look at a few of the monsters.

Monster Catechism

We’ve been spending a few minutes each week taking a peek at the wall.  I hope it keeps things fresh in the minds of the kids.

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