The Big Story: Babel, Abraham, Isaac

The Big Story: Babel, Abraham, Isaac

For our summer Wednesday night program, we’re doing a Story Time approach (check out all our summer plans here).   We will be covering the major stories in the Bible and showing how they are all one big part of God’s redeeming plan of love.  Sometimes I read out of the Read and Share Bible, sometimes the kids act out the story using the Big Action Bible Skits book, and sometimes leaders act it out for the kids.  After the story, the kids head to stations.

What are the Stations?

I’m so glad you asked!  Each night, kids can choose from between three and five stations, all of which relate to some part of the night’s story.  For our most recent night, the focus was on the Tower of Babel, Abraham, and Isaac.  Here’s the stations we had available:

Tower Building

Build a Tower of Babel out of legos, duplos, blocks, etc (I was quite surprised at how popular this was!)  Kids can work together or compete to see who can build the tallest tower.

Building a Tower

Plan for You

Just like God had a plan for Abraham, God has a plan for us.  Kids traced each other’s bodies on a piece of butcher paper and then wrote their name inside the body frame.  For each letter of their name, they thought of a way they could serve God.  If they got stuck, they were encouraged to check a Bible dictionary or other cool Bible tool for ideas.

Bible Timeline

This idea I got from Ministry to Children and it fits perfectly into “The Big Story” theme.  Check out the details here. The Veggie Tales Atlapediais a huge help for piecing this together as well.

Coloring Station

Kids were invited to color pictures from the story using My Bible Coloring Book.  You can also find lots of free Bible coloring pages online, but you have to dig a bit!

Drink, Camel, Drink!

We didn’t use this, but a fun idea might have been a water relay game to give the servant’s camels something to drink.  Or to measure how much a camel would drink in a sitting to see how hard Rebekah worked for a man she didn’t even know.

Water Games

So, how did it go?

Our first night (Creation, Fall, Flood) was paired with the Got Bible celebration, so we didn’t get to try out stations.  However, this week, we did use the stations and it went really well.  The kids weren’t on a strict rotational schedule.  They were encouraged to spend about 10 minutes per station, but in reality they had about 30 minutes to pick and choose as they pleased.  The kids were all engaged and really seemed to enjoy the activities.  Of course, I have to let you know our numbers are always way down in the summer, so we only had about 15 kids.  This type of set up might not work for a larger group, but it seems to be perfect for us!

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