God’s Big Story: Bible Lesson Ideas for Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

For our summer Wednesday night program, we’re doing a Story Time approach (check out all our summer plans here).   We will be covering the major stories in the Bible and showing how they are all one big part of God’s redeeming plan of love.  Sometimes I read out of the Read and Share Bible, sometimes the kids act out the story using the Big Action Bible Skits book, and sometimes leaders act it out for the kids.  After the story, the kids head to stations.


What are Stations?

Each night, kids can choose from between three and five stations, all of which relate to some part of the night’s story. For our most recent night, the focus was on the Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob & Esau, and Jacob & family. Here’s the stations we had available:

Logical: Ask the Pastor

For this, kids wrote down questions about our story to try to “Stump the Pastor”.  This was a great to use whenever kids asked a story during story time.  I would simply say, “That would be a great question to ask the Pastor!”  Pastor made a guest appearance and talked with the kids at this station about different aspects of the story.


Drama: Recreate the Story

I assembled a variety of props that related to the story and set them all out on the table.  I was hoping the kids would free play a little more, but they wanted me to read the story again (out of the Read and Share Bible) as they acted along. Either way, they are getting into the Bible, so it suits me fine!  Here’s some of the props we used:

  • Soup bowl and spoon
  • Gold Coins
  • Play mustaches and beards
  • Egypt head dress (left over from our Egypt VBS last year!)
  • Tulle
  • White sheets
  • Bathrobe of many colors
  • Rock

Cooking: Cookie Map of Egypt (from Forget Me Not Bible Stories, Group Publishing)

At this station, kids used an overhead projector to trace a map of Egypt onto a piece of wax paper.  Then they shaped some sugar cookie dough (we just used a roll, premade from the grocery store) to look like Egypt.  They baked it and then added details with frosting such as the Nile River, etc.

Art: Joseph’s Fancy Coat

A classic Bible craft, kids used a coloring page of Joseph and his coat to start.  After they colored Joseph, they cut out felt to design a coat for him.  They could also add little embellishments such as glitter, sequins, etc.  Needless to say, this was a popular station.  They don’t call them “old standbys” for no reason!

Piecing the Story All Together

Next week, I think I’ll help the kids put together a family tree based on the stories we’ve heard so far.  I want them see how the Bible is connected throughout the Old and New Testament, and this might help solidify the continuity between stories.  We’ve also been working on the Bible Timeline for the same reason.

What About You?

Got a great idea for these Bible accounts?  Send me an email and let me know!  Or leave me a comment!

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  1. I loved the “Stump the Pastor” idea Lindsey. Kids have so many questions about the Bible. Giving them a “public forum” or sorts to get those questions answered is a great idea. I also love to reenact stories as well. I have found spontaneous melodramas to be effective and hilarious.

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