Lesson Ideas for Moses, Plagues, and the 10 Commandments

Lesson Ideas for Moses, Plagues, and the 10 Commandments

We’ve been making our way through the major stories in the Bible (I wish we had time to hit them all!) as part of our Big Summer Plans.  This past Wednesday, we covered Moses (early life and beyond), the 10 Plagues, and the 10 Commandments.  During story-time, I used a lesson from the “Forget-Me-Not Bible Story Activities” book.  Kids swatted flies, repeated the famous “But Pharoah said No!” line over and over, and generally acted out the plagues from their seats.

When it came to the Passover, I lowered my voice a bit and explained the terrible final plague and how Pharaoh’s stubbornness caused great pain, but God’s people were saved by the blood of the lamb.   I was amazed at how quiet and focused the kids became as we entered this part of the story.  They seemed truly concerned for both the Egyptians and the Israelites.  It was a powerful story-time moment and it reminded me once again how God’s Word is living and active (and interesting!).

Station Time

For our station time of the nights, here’s the options we had available:

News Broadcast:

Kids pretend like they are first hand witnesses to the Escape from Egypt, either as Israelites or Egyptians.  They draft up questions and interview each other for the camera.  The guy who made our Spy Guy movies will do some editing and we’ll show the kids the videos for a bit of fun later.  (Idea from Forget Me Not Bible Story Activities)

Make a Brochure:

In this station, kids use Egyptian websites, Cool Bible Tools, and the Bible to make a brochure of Egypt.  The theme “Come Visit Egypt: Home of the 10 Plagues” was a popular one, but kids could focus on any part of the story or country.

Egyptian Wall Painting:

Who doesn’t love drawing on walls?  We slapped some butcher paper up and gave kids copies of hieroglyphs and their corresponding letters.  (We used stuff from these Egyptian books, but you can find the same information online).

Stone Rubbings:

We have a big stone outside with the 10 Commandments on it, so kids went outside to make stone rubbings of it.  They also talked about which commandment is easiest to follow or hardest to follow while they waited for other kids to finish their rubbings.

Chalk Drawings:

We didn’t do this one, but it would have fun to go outside and do some activities with sidewalk chalk, whether writing with hieroglyphics on the parking lot (writing the memory verse perhaps?) or drawing a set of 10 Commandment stones.

Chalk Drawings

Got some ideas of your own?

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