The Covenant Between God and Man: Kids and the Catechism

The Covenant Between God and Man: Kids and the Catechism

This week, we’ll be continuing our study of the Catechism for boys and girls.  As mentioned before, we made a few revisions to make the language a little more child-friendly.    This will be our last week with the Questions and Answers before we dive into filling the candy bags for the block party and starting to practice for the annual Christmas play.  Hard to believe!

This week, we’ll cover these two questions:

Promise to Adam

~ and ~

Adam obey

Since the lesson centers on obedience, a rousing game of Simon Says is a great way to introduce the lesson (suggested in the Kids Quest curriculum).  An introduction to a covenant might also be in order. Our lesson book explains,

When God made the covenant of life, He set up a relationship with Adam and Eve.  He was their God, and they were his people.  He told them what to do, and they trusted and obeyed him.  He loved them and took care of them, and they loved Him.  God guarantees he will keep his covenant relationship with his people. God has promised to be with us wherever we go.  God always keeps his promises.

God created Adam and Eve and put them in a perfect place.  Adam could have lived forever in peace if he upheld his end of the covenant, but as we know, he did not.   Which brings us to the Questions and Answers for today:

Q: What promise did God make Adam?
A: If he obeyed God, he would live forever.
Q: Did Adam obey God fully?
A: No, he sinned against God and was punished with death.
Of course, this lesson leads into a great opportunity to discuss salvation with the kids, perhaps using an object lesson.    Here are a few more ideas to use during your small groups.

Obedience Themed Activities

Faithfulness Themed Activity

Bring in an item from your house that is broken or not working properly.  Explain that even though this item came with a “guarantee”, it still doesn’t work correctly. Unlike things that we buy, God’s guarantee stands firm.  God is faithful to all his promises.  If you have an older group, grab a Bible concordance or dictionary and look up the word faithful.  Read a few verses concerning God’s faithfulness as a group.  Discuss people in your life that have been faithful.  Ask kids if they have someone in their life who has been especially faithful as well.

Bad Choices Themed Activities

Salvation Themed Activities

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