The Experienced Egyptian: Getting Ready for VBS!

The Experienced Egyptian: Getting Ready for VBS!

Egypt VBS Vacation Bible School: Getting Ready

Are you running an Egypt themed program this summer?  Is your church about to be decked out in hieroglyphics, pyramids and other VBS accessories?   A few years back, I met someone who had just finished up running the Egypt VBS at her church and here is some of the advice she passed along:

Getting Ready for Egypt Vacation Bible School:

1. There needs to be LOTS of stuff in the marketplace. The smaller the attendance, the more stuff there needs to be.

2. Having the marketplace outside was a great change of scenery, but the kids tended to lose focus. When we moved it inside due to the weather, they didn’t “get bored” quite as easily.

3. The food shop is a big hit. Have lots of food.

4. The prison can be scary for younger kids. Leave the opportunity to have extra light if needed, especially for preschoolers.

5. Extra craft ideas:  Use God sightings as a marketplace stop and have face painting at the barbershop.

Introducing “The Experienced Egyptian” series!

I plan to share any other rumblings I hear about this program in a new series entitled “The Experienced Egyptian”.   Stay tuned and be sure to share you own Vacation Bible School ideas!

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