The Fiery Furnace: Classroom Prop and Craft

The Fiery Furnace: Classroom Prop and Craft

The account from Daniel 3 about the Fiery Furnace is one of those classic stories that sometimes gets told so often that it loses the true weight of the account.  As we were going through the book of Daniel in our Stickers the the Bible curriculum, I wanted to do something to make this account really meaningful for the kids.  I was inspired by this picture I spotted on Bible Songs and More (scroll all the way down), but I didn’t have a box handy to recreate it.

The Fiery Furnace

So, we made due with what we had!

Fiery Furnace (2)

To create this fiery furnace, we simply flipped a table on it’s side and put construction paper cut into flames on it with sticky tack.  I cut a few extra flames as well for the “7 times hotter” verse.

Fiery Furnace: Dramatic Lesson Time

For the lesson time, I read through the Bible passage (Daniel 3) with great enthusiasm and directed kids to play the roles in the Scripture.  Of course, they had a blast!

Fiery Furnace: Dramatic Lesson Time

 The guards particularly loved dying.


After the lesson time, kids made their own fiery furnace with crayons, paper plates, and construction paper.

Fiery Furnace: Daniel 3 Craft Time


I like how these guys are completely engulfed by the flames!

Fiery Furnace: Craft Time



Happy Crafting!!

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