The Gathering: Day 2 (Let’s Get Started)

The Gathering: Day 2 (Let’s Get Started)

It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago and we’re ready to get started with more fun here at The Gathering!

To begin, we had some amazing worship and one of the worship leaders shared this thought:

Sometimes our heart leads us to a physical posture and sometimes we have to use a physical posture to prepare our hearts for something.  It’s like when your spouse comes home from work. Maybe you’ve had a bad day and maybe they have too, but the physical act of a hug is something that can reset your heart and mind and prepare you to welcome your spouse home properly.  The same is true for worship.  Sometimes we raise our hands to prepare our hearts for surrender to the Lord.

Good words.

After that, we played an amazing game played through Kahoot.  Everyone with a smartphone could sign in and pick a name and then race to answer questions.   Even though I’m one of the last people on the planet without a smartphone, it was still tons of fun to see this game in action.


Trevor, fellow blogger, had a quick hand but never actually made it to the leader board.  What a bummer, buddy.

Stay tuned for more fun and some great teaching from Michelle Anthony this morning.

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