Looking Around at the Gathering

As I gaze around the large gathering room, I am amazed at how RockHarbor has worked diligently to make the theme of “The Big God Story” come to life.  The stage is adorned with bookcases suspended from the ceiling, stacked high with storybooks.  A wooden cross stands tall, spotlighted, putting the emphasis back on Christ, the redeemer, the main character in God’s story.  Six foot tall chalkboards line a perimeter wall entitled “The Big God Story” with plenty of room for participants to fill in their part of The Big God Story.   Bins of tiny stones line the backs of the chairs, with the promise of a meaningful activity to follow.

I’ve been reading through Michelle Anthony’s new book “Dreaming For More”.  In it, she challenges Children’s Ministry workers to create environments where they can authentically encounter Christ.  I love how that principle is being modeled here, not only in the decorations, but also through the worship songs.  The songs were absolutely centered on God, and we were given moments to stop and ponder our relationship with Christ. In our Children’s program, I’ve been brainstorming ways to create moments like this in our ministry, and I’m looking forward to seeing the principle in action more throughout this conference.

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