The God Puzzle {Book Review and Giveaway}

The God Puzzle {Book Review and Giveaway}

I’ve been browsing around for new curriculum for a few months now.  Even though our current curriculum has some great elements and is a lot of fun, I never felt like it was accomplishing what my vision was for the ministry.  As I mentioned in this post about measuring success in ministry, I want kids to grow in their understanding of God and the Bible and have this understanding impact their life.

I stumbled upon the Praise Factory curriculum and loved the concept.  I don’t think it’s the best fit for us, but it really sold me on the concept of systematic theology.  I want kids in our ministry to really be able to articulate their faith and to be able to answer the “big questions” in life.   I love the idea of teaching through the key elements of the Christian faith such as:

  • Who is God?
  • What is He Like?
  • What is Sin?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • What is my Purpose?  Why was I created?
  • What is the Church?

So, as I narrow down our curriculum choice, I’ve also been searching around for companion books and materials to suggest to parents as resources.  I never expected the perfect resource to show up in my mailbox.  When Valerie Ackermann asked if I would take a look at her new book, The God Puzzle, for review, I happily agreed.  However, I didn’t expected to be so impressed with this book.

Before I even done browsing through this 200 page workbook designed for preteens, I realized that is one of the best resources I’ve seen in a long time. It’s coloring, it’s fun, it’s interactive and it requires no prep work for parents.  I love how it really gets kids into the Bible, looking up verses and checking out little boxes to mark their progress.   There’s a wonderful blend of looking up facts, completing fun puzzles, answering personal (and often fun) questions, and making application.  Check out this amazing table of contents:

Table of Contents

In light of the new direction we are going in for curriculum (systematic theology), this is the perfect resource for parents.  However, I would heartily recommend it to any parent.  It is very clear and easy to work through.  Each concept is explained in an understandable (and not condescending) way and provides Scripture to back up each truth.

The God Puzzle (Book Review)

There are fun puzzles throughout the book to keep the kids engaged:


Every lesson has some kind of interaction — whether it’s to circle a YES or NO, or fill in the blanks from a verse:


There are even prayers and space for reflection or journaling:

The God Puzzle Book Review

I love that many of the pages get kids really thinking about how the truth applies to their own life, like this page about the body of Christ (the church):

The God Puzzle Book Review

The God Puzzle even talks about how to properly study the Bible and gives kids a run-down on cool Bible tools used for further study:

The God Puzzle Book Review

Seriously impressed.

When I first saw the cover of this book, I was thinking it was going to be another book filled with crosswords and find-a-words.  Useful, but nothing to write home about.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  This book was clearly written with the purpose of getting kids (and their parents!) invested in their faith and giving them a clearer picture of how the Bible applies to our every day life.

And there’s more good news!

As a ministry leader, you can buy the book at 50% off when you get a case, so you can then offer a resource to your churches families directly. Check out the deal on Valerie’s website, Lead Me to God.

Not ready to invest in a case?  Grab your copy of The God Puzzle: How the Bible fits together to reveal God as Your Greatest Treasure on Amazon today!  Or…..


Valerie Ackermann has graciously offered to giveaway 2 copies of her book to a couple of Growing Kids Ministry readers.  Yippee!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.   I received the book for free.  However, all my opinions are truthful and my own.  Post also contains affiliate links. 

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  1. Frank Tan says:

    Who would use this book? Hmmm… My own kids are teenagers now. But I know so many parents with preteens. Which one would I choose to pass this on? Maybe, I’ll get more copies and we’ll use them with the Kids Krew preteens.