The Great Cookie Bake-In

The Great Cookie Bake-In

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but after the Halloween Block Party, time whooshes by so fast I can’t seem to catch my breath!   One thing I wanted to share with you before it was too late was a fundraising tradition we have at our church.

Great Cookie Bake-IN

Every year, the teens in the youth group participate in the great Cookie Bake-In (not to be confused with the ever delicious breakfast food, bacon).   We take orders from the congregation ($4 for a dozen cookies) and then lock the kids up in the church from 6PM to 7AM and set the ovens a-blazing!  Thankfully, we have two commercial sized ovens (and a convection that is pretty hit and miss when it comes to functionality), so progress is swift and steady.

The Great Cookie Bake-In (2)

The supply list is nothing to sneeze at and no matter how well we plan, we always end up heading to the neighborhood Giant Eagle at 2AM for 3 tablespoons of something!

The Great Cookie Bake-In (15)

The event as a whole is a blast and I’m hoping to help with some of the fun again this year.  Traditionally, we make chocolate chip cookies (but with Christmas MnM’s instead), sugar cookies, and peanut blossoms.

The Great Cookie Bake-In (16)

If you want more details, let me know — but I just wanted to share the idea for now!

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