Encouragement in the Little Things

Encouragement in the Little Things

Being in the ministry is hard.

You can never “get it all done” and it sometimes it seems that you’re doing the same thing week after week with no real impact the lives around you.

This week, I would encourage you to look for the little things.  Those small glimpses of light that God shines into your ministry to let you know that you are making a difference.  Sometimes encouragement comes in small doses and learning to keep our eyes open for these little things can go a long way in preventing discouragement in the ministry.

Here’s some of the little things I noticed when I really stopped to look for them:

  • A church member saying “I read your review about that family book, and I would love for you to order me a copy”.
  • A seven year old girl wanting to make a special announcement during kids’ club: “This week, I asked Jesus into my heart”. (okay, that’s kind of a big thing!)
  • Kids jumping out of their seats to say the week’s memory verse.
  • A kid shouting “Hey, we’re not showing the fruits of the Spirit!” as everyone shoves to get closer to the object lesson.
  • Kids lingering after church because they are so interested in what we just learned.
  • Kids rushing in the door for a hug.
  • The youth group member who visits the kids area every week because they used to be in kids’ club and they want to share what’s going on in their life still.

What about you?  What “little things” are happening in your ministry this week?  I’d love to hear about them!

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