The Parable of the Good Green Bay Packer

The Parable of the Good Green Bay Packer

This week in Children’s Church, the lesson on the agenda was the Good Samaritan.  Now, I’m not sure why curriculum writers are obsessed with the Good Samaritan, but I’ve only been teaching for about three years and already this particular parable has come up about 12 times (this may be a slight exaggeration).  At any rate,  we decided to do a little contextualization and change the characters a bit.

Now, we are in Steelers country, so it would only be natural to make the dirty rotten Samaritan into a Packers fan and the helpless kind gentleman who got beat up into the Steelers fan.  Now that the Superbowl is over, the Packers fan grows even more Samaritan-like.

Our lesson, taken from Luke 10, went something like this:

A Steelers fan was walking along the road when a couple of thugs beat him up, took all his money, and left him almost dead  (I had a couple of our 5 year old boys be the thugs.  However, before I could explain that we were only pretend punching, they had done a bit of damage to our Steelers fan.  Oops!).   A priest went by, but did not help.   Another worker in the church went by, but also did not help.  Then, a Green Bay Packers fan came down the road.  Do you think he helped?  He did!  Not only did he help the Steelers fan up, he took him to a nearby hotel and ordered him room service.  He also left his credit card number in case the Steelers fan needed anything else.  Can you believe it?

I then tried to show the kids the actual parable in Luke 10, but the room erupted in a “Go Steelers!” chant that could be heard from the sanctuary.   Control went a little downhill from there, but we ended with a prayer circle and I think the story hit home for most kids.

Better luck next year, Steelers!

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  2. Confession: I’m a BIG Packers fan. But I love this story! I quoted you on my blog, seeing as I also incorporated a little Super Bowl goodness into my service that Sunday. 🙂

  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing this with the community. I really like your posts :o)