The Psalms and Eminem: Using Music to Express our Souls

The Psalms and Eminem: Using Music to Express our Souls

Last week, one of our preteen boys and I got to talking about one of his favorite musical artists, Eminem.  While I certainly don’t endorse this rapper, I do know that many kids like his emotional lyrics and the way that his music tugs on the soul (if you know some kids like this, direct them to some Christian hip hop artists like NF and Lecrae) .  Many people, adults and kids alike, love music for way it resonates with our own inner feelings and the way it seems to stir our hearts.  In Bible times, it was no different.  My conversation with this kid seems to flow perfectly into this week’s lesson in our Journey through the Old Testament.  This week, we’re focusing on Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

Large Group Time

My plan for large group is to talk with the kids about why we love music so much and ways that we use music in our lives.  I plan to share a few select Psalms to demonstrate all the emotions within the pages of this book as well as a few passages from Proverbs and Ecclesiastes as well. Even though these poetry books were written thousands of years ago, the way music was used back in Bible times is not really so different than the way we use music now.  I also plan to introduce them to some Christian artists that have a similar sound to many of the secular music artists that are popular now.

Small Group Time

If you’re looking for some coordinating activities for the Psalms and Proverbs, keep on reading!

Taking a Closer Look at a Psalm

Many of the Psalms compare and contrast two groups of people: the righteous and unrighteous.  Make two charts with the kids to compare the actions and consequences of these two groups of people.  To see a more detailed description of this idea, check out this lesson on Psalm 1 from Ministry to Children.

Illustrate the Word Pictures of a Psalm

Here’s another great lesson based on Psalm 1 from Ministry to Children, but this one focuses on the word pictures found within the verses.  This would be great for the younger set of kids.  Of course, you’re not limited to the first Psalm in this book — plenty of other Psalm provide vivid pictures that kids might like to draw on posters or even comic book pages.  You can use the same concept by taking pictures like this group did with their memory verse.

Writing Your Own Psalm (or Proverb)

Most of the Psalms were simple a reflection of the author’s life at the time of writing.  Encourage the kids to write their own Psalm thanking God for something or asking for help for a trouble in their life.  Check out this post from Bible Wise to get you started.  For the younger crew, you might want to write a Psalm all together on the white board about the changing of the seasons or another easy-to-relate to topic.  You could try writing your own proverb instead.

Psalm 23 Bingo

Nothing beats a classic game of Bingo!  Try out these sets of cards from 123 Homeschool 4 Me that coordinate with one of the most popular passages in the Bible.

FREE Printable Psalm 23 Bible Bingo for Kids

Create in Me a Clean Heart

Psalm 51 focuses on David’s repentance and it’s a great character trait for a child of any age to learn.  Here is a lesson from Calvary Kids using a mirror to illustrate the point, but I’ve also seen the washing of foam hearts to illustrate this Psalm, which I like a little better.

 Wisdom is Better Than Gold

Here is a craft we did in Children’s Church a few months back based on King Solomon and Proverbs/Ecclesiastes.  You can find the full lesson and directions for the craft here.

Wisdeom is better than Gold (1)

Searching for Hidden Treasure

Proverbs 2 tells us that wisdom should be searched for like hidden treasure.  Of course, we know that we can find wisdom within the pages of the Bible.  Illustrate this concept for kids by writing down Bible verses about wisdom and hiding them around the room for kids to find.  Read more about this activity (Activity #3) in this Proverbs lesson from Ministry to Children.

Sweeter Than Honeycomb

This adorable picture from Mom to Post Divas would be a great craft to go along with Psalm 119 or Psalm 19 that says God’s words are even sweeter than honey.

Books of the Bible

It would also be a great week to continue working on learning the books of the Bible!  Check out this Pinterest Board for ideas on games to learn the books of the Bible.

Even More Stuff to Check Out

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