The Radical Book for Kids {Great New Resource!}

The Radical Book for Kids {Great New Resource!}

It’s not always easy to find high quality material for older kids when it comes to teaching the basics of Christianity.  It’s hard to find that perfect balance between diving deep and still being understandable.  As kids grow and mature, we want to be able to dig deeper into the truths of the Bible without losing them along the way.

The Radical Book for Kids Book Review When I heard about The Radical Book for Kids, I was certainly curious, but a little skeptical too.  I have read through many resources designed for preteens and many are filled with shallow facts, preschool looking pictures or material that is explained in a way that doesn’t resonate with a kid audience.


This book is completely different.  The table of contents is absolutely packed with topics such as how to pray, intelligent design (versus evolution), how to grow as a Christian, what is God like, fun and games in the Bible and even a chapter on ancient texting.

From the very first chapter, I was impressed with the content.  It’s very factual, but presented in a fun and understandable way. I love that it tackles theology issues with charts and graphs that make information easy to digest.  For example, there’s a chart that draws parallels between the sacrifices of the Israelite people and the fulfillment of those sacrifices through Jesus’ death.

This would be a great resource for parents who want to prepare their children for conversations they are sure to have in school or with relatives.  It gives preteens the tools to explain the basics (and not so basics) of their faith with authority and confidence.

And just in case you think this is a super heavy book that requires serious thinking at all times — think again.  There is plenty of light-heartedness and fun interspersed throughout the pages.  For example, there is a two page spread on how to make a slingshot like David.The Radical Book for Kids Book Review

Not only does this book cover genres of the Bible, prophets of the Bible, and historical facts of the Bibles, it also dives straight to the heart of the matter — dealing with sin in our lives.

There’s really no stone left un-turned when it comes to the content of this book.  The graphics are great, the content is on point.  In short, it’s probably the best preteen resource I’ve ever seen.  So, in case your looking for a stellar Christmas gift for a kid in your life — grab your copy today.

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