The Thrifty Egyptian: Decoration and Game Ideas

The Thrifty Egyptian: Decoration and Game Ideas

The book, Great Ancient EGYPT Projects: You Can Build Yourself (Build It Yourself) has arrived!  I quickly dove in and can certainly say that this was worth the investment.  It is filled with historical facts, an introduction to housing, agriculture, transportation, Egyptian crafts and projects, and lots more.  I’ve only gotten about half-way through, but I can’t wait to share some of the ideas I’ve gleaned.



I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but Egypt is FULL of sand.  It would be fun to have a few of those kiddie pools hanging around (indoors on tarp or outdoors) filled with sand and a few fake scorpions or frogs.  Kids could dig through them and find the little creatures!

Wall Art

Wall Paintings were everywhere. I was thinking of using the brown paper (5 feet tall) I got from Uline to line the hallways and then decorate the paper with wall paintings.  I’m hoping to get someone to draw Egyptian-like depictions of people in the church.  That would be a hoot!

Water Well

Egyptians generally got their water from a well (or the Nile).  You could build your own well by covering shoe-boxes with brown paper, arranging them in a circle (several layers high) and gluing them together.  Then put a clean bucket of water inside and have your snack people ladle up a drink for the kids at snack time!

Pet Pictures

The book is full of great pictures that could be enlarged and used as decorations and to illustrate what Ancient Egyptian life was like.  Speaking of pictures, cats and dogs were very popular with the Egyptians, and I thought I could ask for pet pictures from our congregation and put them up as decoration.  Encourage your shop keepers to bring in pictures of their pets to display in the shop.  Maybe have a few hung up and have the kids try to guess which pet belongs to who (an interactive display!).


Tug-a-war and leap frog were both popular in Ancient Egypt.  These would be great “back burner” games if you need to fill a few extra minutes.

Tug of War

We all know Senet was a big hit with young and old alike. Mancala was also very popular as well as Mehen. I’ll have to do some more research on Mehen, but Mancala is still a popular game today. In fact, I Just picked up two sets at Wal-mart for $4.97 each. There are instructions on how to make your own Senet game in the book or you can hop over to this blog to read more.

Image from What Will We Do Today Blog



Admittedly, I haven’t look real well at Group’s materials yet, so they might already suggest this.  The book suggests using milk or juice cartons to make your mud bricks in.  That’s something that will be easy to collect from the congregation.  Now, where to find enough dirt?

Well, that’s all for now. Pick up your own copy or stay tuned for more great ideas!

Check out the Whole Thrifty Egyptian Series:

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  1. Good Afternoon, and God’s glorious blessings to you,
    I am in charge of our VBS snack program every year, and although budget restraints have prevented us with buying the ‘complete’ kit for “Egypt, Joseph’s Journey” …with the help of friends, we should be able to pull it off. I would love if you could forward your snack ideas, I’ve come up with some but would love a few extra ideas!…We did the “Underground Church” last year it was awesome!….if you need any pointers for that….just let me know.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Simple snacks like grapes, sliced up apples, cheese and crackers would be good. Also, Egypt loved bread, so you could get those rolls of bread that you just have to bake — fills the church with good smells and you could add honey to them. I could send a recipe over for “Make your own date candy”. Whatever you did last year for Rome (is that what you did last year) should work as well. Some people suggested gold fish since Egyptian ate fish. Also, if you have some fishermen around, they might be able to bring in smoked fish — an Egyptian favorite. I’ll take a second glance through the books and see if I see anything else. Thanks for the comment!

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