The Thrifty Egyptian: Crafts Ideas for VBS

The Thrifty Egyptian: Crafts Ideas for VBS

So we’re a little less than three months away from our Big Event (VBS) and I’m trying to focus on crafts this week. As usual, Group struck out big in the craft department. Especially when it comes to the cost-factor. So, I did a little digging around online to try to find some alternative ideas for our Marketplace.

Here’s a few good websites I discovered:

Egypt VBS

 Photo Credit: Flickr by Shalom VBS 2010

I also picked up two books on Amazon (I cannot stay away from that place!) that promise to hold lots of ideas for decorating and crafts. Pick up a copy yourself or wait to hear the ideas I glean from mine!

Oriental Trading Craft Supplies

I picked up a few craft supplies at Oriental Trading such as

  • Basket Weaving Boards 24PC $4.99 each (also need yarn)
  • Egypt Foam Shapes $7.99.
  • I already mentioned the jewels for collars or headbands.
  • Pony beads for the Barbershop (1 LB beads $6.99).

I can’t wait for the books to arrive (I’m such a book addict!) to see what ideas they hold. What crafts are you doing?

Check Out the Whole Series:

Egypt Photo Credit: Komombo Temple” by Dennis Jarvis via Flicker

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