Egyptian Crafts and Activities for Kids

Egyptian Crafts and Activities for Kids

In preparation for our upcoming Egyptian themed Big Event (otherwise known as vacation Bible school), I’ve been scanning through the two books I got from Amazon.  Here are some of the best things I’ve found.

Papyrus Paper (Studying Egypt)

Grab the instructions on how to make your own Papyrus here!

Make Your Own Berry Ink (Egyptian Craft)

For the papyrus, you’ll need to make some Berry Ink!

Make Your Own Solid Perfume (Egyptian Project)

Egyptians made solid perfumes out of essential oils. Popular scents include lilies, roses, cinnamon, spikenard, ginger, and sandalwood. Also frankincense and myrrh (great connection to Christ’s story!). You can learn how to make solid perfume here or here. It looks like the main ingredient is beeswax, found in craft store (look in the candle making or soap making sections).


 Here’s another easy set of Hieroglyphs.

Papyrus Paper (Studying Egypt)

Here’s a way of making papyrus by overlapping papers. May be a bit more challenging for the older crowd.
Papyrus Criss Cross and Criss Cross Page2

That’s all for The Thrifty Egyptian for now! Be sure to post your comments and share your insight with others.

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