Quick, Easy, and Budget Friendly Egyptian Costumes

Quick, Easy, and Budget Friendly Egyptian Costumes

The Thrifty Egyptian Series

In Children’s Ministry (especially in smaller/mid-size churches), it seems we are always looking to squeeze a little more out of our budget. For many of you, Vacation Bible School (or the Big Event as we’ve renamed it) takes a big chunk out of the yearly funds. I’ll be running a series over the next few weeks on ways to cut down costs for Group’s Egypt VBS. Be sure to check back often and share your own ideas!


Main Egyptian Outfit:

We use bed sheets (aquired by donation, thrift stores, garage sales, rummage sales, etc). Cut a hole in the top for your head. Lift arms straight out so hands are free and then tie a colorful piece of fabric around the waist. Experiment a little with folding the sheet around the arm if you want the sleeves shorter or longer.

Egypt VBS Vacation Bible School: Getting Ready

Egyptian Collars:

Grab some different colors of Felt Sheets at Michael’s or Amazon. Either the firm or regular kind would work. Cut in half and make semi circles out it. Add some of those jewels from Oriental trading and some yarn, and you’ve got an authentic looking collar! Check out full instructions (and more fun projects) at the Joyfully Weary blog.

Egyptian Collars

You could also make some out of cardboard and pasta like the picture below.  Check out Cassie’s blog for more Egypt art and instructions. 


Egyptian Hair:

Get someone to braid a few strands of hair and then stick some ponybeads at the end. Easy and economical! You can use the leftovers for the Barbershop in the Marketplace or to make bracelets.

Add a little eyeliner and you’re all set!

Check Out the Whole Series:

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