The Waterproof Bible

The Waterproof Bible

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Just heard about this from one of the commenters at Stuff Christians Like.  Bardin Marsee Publishing has made a completely waterproof Bible!  It comes in both manly covers and pretty pink ones and is available in four translations.  Seriously genius.  Now you can read the Bible without fear while fishing, while in a rainstorm, while at the beach, or while standing in the shower.  It might even come in handy for those of you who sit in the front row at a church with a very enthusiastic pastor.  You could bring the Bible into the baptismal with you and even it hug it as you are “buried with Christ”. The possibilities are endless! Head on over to their website to pick on up!

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  1. I saw them when I was at the CM Expo in Lexington, KY this past summer. They had one sitting in a bowl of water!!!!

    Sturdy binding and pages. It was amazing!!

    I want to get one and read from it as I prepared to baptize someone and then sit it down in the lake and watch people’s reactions!! 😀

  2. That would be amazing! I used to try to read magazines while lounging in the pool by putting them inside a ziploc bag (this was when I was young and foolish, of course). That worked well for about two pages. This seems like a much better idea!

  3. That is totally genius. You missed my number one usage for a waterproof Bible though … during a hot bubble bath!

  4. Like it … is great!