Egypt VBS Tips

Egypt VBS Tips

Hard to believe it’s nearing VBS season already!  Last year, we did Group’s Journey to Egypt.

Here are some tips from our Vacation Bible School Evaluation Forms:

  • We had a Minute to Win it game time before the program officially started.  After kids were registered, they went into the sanctuary.  Instead of having them sitting around getting bored, we played 4 or 5 quick games, picking a few kids to come on stage and the rest were watching.  This was a great way to keep kids engaged and prevent the wild running around that usually happens!
  • Have a few people posted at the doors of the Marketplace.  We held our marketplace in the gym and sometimes in all the hub-bub, a few kids would try to wander outside to see the games or visit friends.
  • Make sure kids are gathered around the actors before the actual daily drama started.  Sometimes kids would miss half the message because they didn’t gather around fast enough.

What kind of tips do you have from your last Vacation Bible School program?

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  1. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.